Which bookmaker should you choose?


Finding a bookmaker with an attractive online presentation and a service that suits your tastes in sport betting is like finding a comfortable pair of shoes that you just never want to take off because they fit so well.

Over at Sportbonus.net they want to help you find the ‘perfect fit’ by providing in depth reviews of the sports betting platforms offered by a select few online bookmakers that they feel are worth recommending. The internet is brimming with online ‘bookies’ making it time consuming as well as difficult to decide which ones are genuinely reliable and have proven records of integrity in the huge global industry.


What Sporting Events Are Coming Up?

Sportbonus.net also ‘follow up’ their recommendations about online bookmakers by constantly looking at sports betting promotions featured at their partner bookmakers from day to day and the kinds of odds being offered on various sporting events taking place around the world. They bring you interesting articles packed with news of upcoming sporting events including tips on where to place your bets and the odds that you can expect at various ‘bookies’.


Can You Trust Your Chosen Bookie?

At SportBonus.net they have intensively researched a huge number of online bookmakers checking out their corporate standing, long term reputation and reliability in dealing with their customer base.

Their evaluations have led them to draw up a comprehensive list of ‘bookies’ that fulfil all the important criteria that they stand by. They only recommend bookmakers with trusted reputations and that are licensed in countries with strong legal jurisdictions.


Does Your Bookie Adopt the Latest Sports Betting Technology?

Sportbonus.net pay particular attention to the software powering the sports betting platforms and whether it reflects the current technological capabilities for sports betting, live betting and provision of livescore data. It’s pointless to register with a bookmaker that is hesitant to invest and evolve by adopting improving digital technology, giving customers a state-of-the-art service that they rightly expect. Another important point that they consider when selecting their partner bookmakers is the overall layout of the sports betting platform and the ease with which customers can navigate around the various pages. Confusing, cluttered websites create time wasting and frustration so they have chosen ‘bookies’ with well ‘thought out’ sports betting platforms featuring easy, smooth navigation and straightforward betting instructions.


Are You Getting the Best Promotional Offers?

Of course we are always excited by the ‘welcome offers’ which are a standard way of rewarding customers for choosing to register with the bookmaker in question but no one should allow the size of the welcome bonuses and ‘freebies’ to cloud their judgement when evaluating the overall service offered by the bookmaker. Sportbonus.net pays attention to the ‘ongoing’ offers which appear from day to day on the sports betting platforms rewarding loyal customers and giving them a sound monetary reason to stick with a selected ‘bookie’. It’s those special offers that are featured in our betting news articles at SportBonus.net and are part of the service that they provide to their readers.

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Does Your Bookie Offer Good Customer Support?

The quality of customer support plays a big part in their evaluation of online ‘bookies’ as the good people at Sportbonus.net feel that every registered customer should have 24 hour access to a competent person to resolve problems immediately or at least start the process of resolving problems. All their recommended bookmakers offer a 24/7 service throughout the year with Live Chat available on the website for instantaneous contact as well as email and a phone service. Sportbonus.net always look carefully at the way that customers are treated by bookmakers by reading about complaints and the related feedback on online forums and especially whether ‘issues’ are dealt with in a transparent and fair way. Every business receives customer complaints and it is unrealistic to expect that bookmakers which are huge businesses dealing with millions of customers will experience untroubled existences without any complaints.


Can One Bookmaker Satisfy All Your Sports Betting Needs?

The intense competition between ‘excellent’ online bookmakers has led to individual ‘bookies’ attempting to differentiate themselves by specializing in ‘niche’ sports as well as offering the usual range of sports. Some bookmakers focus on certain high profile sports, by offering ‘in depth’ coverage and ‘enhanced’ odds on those sports in particular. Registering accounts with several bookies can give you just about the best of everything offered in the world of sports betting and it costs nothing more to do so.

Live betting during play and LEGAL live streaming FOR FREE is offered by all the bookmakers that we recommend and there are possibilities of watching just about anything live if you register accounts with several bookies and plan your viewing combined with live betting during play by consulting the live streaming calendars on each sports betting platform. The live streamed events nothing to view making membership of one or more online bookies a fabulous opportunity to watch your favourite sports live on your PC or mobile device. The only pre-condition that their chosen ‘bookies’ make for viewing live streamed events is that the customer has a minimum amount of funds in the sports betting account or has placed a bet of at least £1 in the last 24 hours on the sports book which is really not something to ‘quibble’ over.


Does Your Bookie Offer a Free Sports Betting Mobile Service?

All of the Sportsbonus.net bookmaker partners all have state-of-the-art mobile apps available to download for free by their registered customers, making it ‘imperative’ to set up an account with a reputable bookie if you want to enjoy live sports viewing on the move 24 hours a day for FREE and LEGALLY.

There are plenty of illegal live streaming services online offering live sports events but why engage in an illegal activity when you can watch every day for free on the sports betting platform run by your chosen bookmaker AND make your bets at the same time!

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