Infinite Possibilities for Blackjack Players

blackjack-picture-just-2-cardsBlackjack is a game that has a great deal of potential for players who are looking to become experts in the game and increase their edge above that of the house. Blackjack success rates reflect the level of skill that a player has as it is not simply a game that relies on chance, making it challenging for people seeking to become successful in the casino venue. As Blackjack is a fast paced game it is very convenient for filling in a few minutes of spare time when you are in between doing things and it lends itself beautifully to playing on a hand held device whilst you are on the move.

Learn the Basic Strategy

You are able to gauge your level of improvement as you can see yourself becoming more competent over time and progress to tables with higher betting limits. The key to becoming a very good Blackjack player is to take the rules seriously by sitting down to learn them well and to practice before you start to bet large amounts of money. There are many excellent websites that offer free advice about basic blackjack strategy and whilst not everybody wants to learn massive tables off by heart there are certain strategic moves that are essential for all players to read and retain.

The first step in understanding Blackjack is to remember that your aim is to beat the dealer and not to rush ‘willy nilly’ towards getting a total of 21 points. You can beat the dealer with fewer points than 21 so it is important to look at your own hand and that of the dealer before you make a decision to hit, stand, double or split. Follow our link below to the most exciting Blackjack tables in reputable online casinos and start playing Blackjack today.

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EuroGrand Casino is Always Evolving Positively

eurogrand_casino_bonusEuroGrand Casino is a venue that has been designed to provide online gamers with all sorts of interesting games to choose from and entertain themselves without any security issues and from the comfort of their own homes. EuroGrand has recently added a selection of games that have been especially adapted and optimized for mobile play extending the pleasurable experience to customers who want to have fun whilst away from home. With such incredibly flexible mobile devices now available at affordable prices it is a rare thing to find a person without an internet enabled device and players are requesting that more games be placed at the disposition of mobile gamers making life on the go more exciting.

Massive Jackpots Can Be Won On Mobile

You can play the lucrative video slot ‘Gold Rally’ from your mobile when you download the suitable app for absolutely free giving yourself the opportunity when you feel inspired to win the massive ever growing progressive jackpot. You are able to select Roulette on mobile as well as ‘Desert Treasure’ which is another highly entertaining game with huge jackpot potential. More mobile winners are being listed every day on the winner’s page at EuroGrand Casino reflecting the fast growing market for mobile entertainment which has the benefit of paying our prizes and big ones at that!

EuroGrand Casino offers new players an industry leading welcome bonus of up to £1,000 and when you register an account now using our link below you will get your bonus matching the first deposit that you make to your new account. You are given 30 days to play through the deposit and bonus before removing cash from the account.

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Betfred Offering Speed Poker Tourneys Every Sunday

betfred poker no 2Speed Poker is a recent poker concept that reflects the fast paced lives of players all over the globe. Betfred Poker has been offering Speed poker at the cash tables for well over a year and this thrilling poker game concept has now been introduced at tournament level every Sunday with 4 separate Speed poker tourneys starting from 6pm through to 10pm. The tournaments have different buy in stakes and blind levels so whatever your poker level you will find a tourney that suits you.

No Time Wasting

Speed Poker is a very fast paced game that cuts out the waiting times in each hand allowing players to fold in an instant and be moved electronically to another table where they get a fresh set of cards in that hand. All the placing of players and moving around is done anonymously so nobody can track your game play or know what you are doing in your game. Speed poker is extremely fast as the name implies and it is perfect for playing from a mobile device at times where there are a few minutes to savour a few poker hands. You don’t need to wait to be placed at a cash table or wait to fold when you feel your cards are not going to bring you good fortune.

Betfred Poker has decided to make the main Sunday evening tournament selection suited to players who want to play fast and furiously however there is a slight twist as the final table is played at the standard poker tournament pace giving players those extra moments to make important decisions on how to get hold of some lovely cash! Join Betfred Poker today using our link below and you will be eligible for a welcome bonus of up to €1,500.

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Play Blackjack With Others at 888Casino

888Casino-Logo1Playing Blackjack at 888Casino is guaranteed to be a superb experience with the widely acclaimed user friendly software replicating a live casino table in crisp clear colour that is a pleasure to play on. 888Casino offers its customers the option of playing with 2 other people on a ‘Public’ table or to play alone on a ‘Private’ table. Should you choose the public table you will be able to enjoy live chat with your fellow players and get a sociable experience from your gameplay which is always a pleasant experience.

Choose Your Betting Limits

The Blackjack table clearly states the betting limits and has simple features visibly presented which appear at the right time during each hand guiding you towards the next step in the game. When you are required to place your bet you will see this option highlighted with different value chips offered for you to click on followed by the deal button flashing, indicating that you should click on the deal button. Your initial 2 cards will be dealt to you and a card will be dealt face down to the dealer as well as a face up card. You then need to decide if you wish to Hit, Stand, Split or Double according to your card values and that of the dealer. If splitting your cards is not permitted because of game rules at that moment in the game you will not see this option at the table and similarly taking insurance or doubling will only be offered if it is acceptable option. The aim is to beat the dealer by getting closer to the number 21 than the dealer or to exactly 21 if possible without going bust. Register an account today with 888Casino using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £100 which you can use at the Blackjack tables immediately for your pleasure!

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Incredible Gaming Opportunities at 21Nova Casino

21Nova Casino21Nova Casino is one of the most dazzling online casinos with an eclectic selection of games powered by PlayTech which has a brilliant reputation as a casino games design company which is technologically advanced and extremely innovative. 21Nova Casino is part of the William Hill Group of companies and has all the weight and integrity of the legendary name of William Hill behind it ensuring that customers feel well served and secure in their online entertainment choice. William Hill was one of the very first businesses in the gambling industry to migrate to the internet in the 1990s and it launched 21Nova Casino online in 2001 in an impressive venture which attracted a lot of attention from potential customers all over the world.

A Rising Star

Since that day, 21Nova Casino has grown meteorically with the expansion of the games suite and the addition of a Live Casino venue accessible through an interactive webcam connection which brings the sociable aspects of bricks and mortar casinos to the customer’s home. Without putting a foot out of door or dressing up in fancy clothes spending loads of cash to have a night out in a local casino you become a ‘guest’ at the live casino tables offered by 21 Nova Casino where the dealers are very attractive and highly trained professionals. The totality of your entertainment budget can be wagered on casino gaming rather than the expenses that are inevitably incurred when you need to get to a venue physically. Register a new account today at 21Nova Casino using our link below and get a welcome bonus package that can amount to as much as €3,250.

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Play as You Please at 888Casino

888Casino-Logo1You can enjoy the best of both worlds at 888Casino as the venue is available to players who would like to download the secure cutting edge software and access the complete suite of casino games or to those who would like to play on the instant software which does not require any download whatsoever. The quality of the graphics of the games and the sound quality are not compromised if you play on the instant version, however you won’t be able to play on the full suite of games which is somewhat limiting when there is such a dazzling range of games on offer with massive jackpots.

It’s Completely Safe to Download

The downloading of the outstanding software is totally free and you can rest assured that the technology is secure and will in no way harm your computer or give access to unwelcome viruses or unsafe items. 888Casino has been adapted to suite the owners of MAC technology and those who operate the LINUX system on their computers making it a remarkably flexible and forward thinking casino that is open to all types of technological advancements.

The venue itself is very impressive and is amongst very few online casinos that permit players to fully customize their lobby to make it suitable and pleasing to their personal needs. You can drag the games that you like best to the favourites section of your lobby and have instant access to your games at the click of a tab. It is a great way to avoid wasting time ensuring that you can get some spins in or a few rounds of Blackjack between carrying out daily tasks. Register a new account now with 888Casino using our link below and you will be greeted with a welcome bonus of up to $1,400.

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It Is a Great Time to Play at PokerStars

pokerstars-online-pokerLoyalty pays off big time at PokerStars, the biggest and most thrilling card room on the internet. PokerStars is focused on the game of poker in all its variations and does not involve itself in other types of gambling such as casino gaming and sports betting. When you join the vast community of poker players you find endless opportunities presented to you regularly, giving you a chance to manage your bankroll by participating in freeroll tournaments which are great for boosting your funds and getting tournament experience. The biggest rewards come from applying your tournament skills in the huge number of tournaments that are running all day long at PokerStars.

Fabulous Opportunities to Play Around The Clock

It is hard to visualize the fact that every second at PokerStars marks yet another tournament start and that people from all over the world are sitting around those tables enjoying the lucrative entertainment and the challenges that playing tournament poker pose. Every player who participates in real money poker as opposed to ‘play money’ games which are also available for customers, earn VIP Points referred to as VPPs and at the same time Frequent Player Points known as FPPs. The VPPs determine the position of each player in the spectacular VIP Club open to all real money players and the FPPs allow players to indulge themselves in the fabulous range of items which include electronic gadgets and tournament tokens for absolutely free in the VIP Store online. The more you play the more points you have to exchange for these incredible offers. Register a new account today at PokerStars using our link below and the bonuscode PSP5957 and you will enjoy a welcome bonus of up to $600.

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Sweet Bonuses Galore at Betsafe Sports Betting

BetsafeAs Betsafe Sports Betting you are welcomed with a great bonus that is equivalent to 50% of your very first deposit to your new account up to the amount of £25 which you can claim now by setting up an account by following our link below and including the Betsafe registration code ‘pokernetbs’.

After receiving your first bonus you will find your sports betting ‘career’ with Betsafe is ‘jammed’ with bonus opportunities which are absolutely breathtaking. Not only are the ‘specials’ generous but highly imaginative and often bring a smile to your face as you read through the incredibly thrilling promos that have been put together by the Betsafe Sports betting team.

Technology Enhances Sports Betting Tools

All customers are given unlimited access to the Livescore pages that are directly posted on the home page under the tab Livescore. You can check the scores of a variety of sports at any time in the 24 hour day with a few seconds delay depending on the speed of the internet connection. Livescore is the ultimate tool that punters can use to back up and support their Live in Play bets and to keep them ‘in the know’ at all times. It is almost as good as being a spectator in every single fixture that you are interested in with the scores and the state of play updated every few seconds. The development of satellite technology and the spread of the high speed internet all over the globe have made Livescore a fascinating option for all sports fans. Become a registered customer with Betsafe Sports betting now through our link below and remember to include the registration code ‘pokernetbs’ to get your welcome bonus of up to £25.

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Chill Out In the Betfred Poker Room

betfred-pokerBetfred Poker has created a card room with a super friendly personalized environment making its customers feel welcome and special every time that they log on to play in a ring game or tournament. Betfred Poker operates on the iPoker network which is one of the biggest in the world ensuring that the guaranteed prize pools at the tournaments are really worth playing for and that the volume of traffic to the card room is substantial.

Players will always find plenty of action at the cash tables no matter the stake level at any time of the day and the High Speed Poker games are very well attended by a lot of players making it a great option at any time. High Speed Poker is a relatively new game in the Texas Hold’em format that has become extremely popular with players as it is very fast and cuts out all the hanging around that can put players off the usual cash games especially when they don’t have much time to spare.

Fold Instantly as You Please

In High Speed Poker you are entitled to fold your cards at any time you choose without awaiting your turn and you are whisked away electronically in a ‘beam me up Scottie’ style to another table with a new set of players who are all selected randomly. You are issued with a new set of cards instantly making this a very fun, exciting and potentially lucrative game. Betfred Poker has set five stake levels for players to choose from so they play with people who have selected the same level joining them in a pool of players waiting to participate. Register a new account today at Betfred Poker using our link below and you will be pleased to get a welcome bonus of up to £250.

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A Thrilling World of Entertainment at William Hill Casino

william-casino-live-blackjackThe pleasure and flexibility that players get from having the opportunity to log on to William Hill Casino at any time of the day or night without having to dress up or leave the house is beyond description. William Hill Casino Club is powered by the world famous PlayTech Corporation which produces and maintains the most technologically advanced games for the gambling industry. The graphics are crystal clear and the presentation is made to give players the maximum comfort and ease when playing on any of the broad selection of games that is included in the suite at William Hill Casino Club. You can choose from any number of card and table games as well as slots and arcade games that are totally unrecognizable if you think back to the original slot machines that were a regular site in pubs and the lobbies of ground based casinos. Slots games are now fascinating multi-level interactive games with adjustable speeds, sound that can be regulated or turned off, betting levels that vary from a few cents up to several hundreds of dollars and in some cases, thousands of dollars.

Millions are Won Daily

The jackpots are often reaching 8 or 9 million dollars and you hear of huge wins for players several times a day from various games. You can actually check the list of winners at William Hill Casino as it is updated all the time to prove that there is a very definite winning culture in the venue. Players who set up a new account are offered a selection of start-up bonuses to suit the level of play that they expect to begin with so click on our link below and collect your welcome bonus of up to £500.

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