Most Popular Online Poker Games

Many of you will remember poker as a simple game, playing it with your grandparents with candy that was used as chips but times have changed. In 2003 the popular game of poker was revolutionized after Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event after qualifying through a online poker site. He turned a $40 investment into a whopping $2.5 million and after this, all poker fans realized that there was serious money to be made.

The industry started to grow at the speed of light and because of this different poker sites started to offer different variations of the game. Some players prefer more complex games while others rather stick to the simpler more basic games. There is truly a variation for every player with any budget so if you are not sure which one to play, read on.

Texas Hold’em

It is by far the most popular poker variant played thanks to the World Series of Poker. And, it is quite simple. Each player gets two hole cards that are dealt face down. The hole card is for the player exclusively and cannot be used by any other player. After the hole cards are dealt a betting round takes place after which the first community cards is dealt which is referred to as ‘the flop’.

The community cards are dealt face up and can be used by all players at the table. After ‘the flop’ another betting round takes place and then the fourth community card is dealt which is called ‘the turn’. One more betting rounds takes place which is followed by the final community card (the river) and then players need to make their best 5-card hand using either one or two of their hole cards and three or four of their community cards.


In this variation of poker players will be dealt four hole cards and players will need to use two of the four hole cards along with three community cards to make their best 5-card hand. Many online casinos offer Pot Limit Omaha, which is when players are not allowed to bet an amount higher than the amount in the pot.

Seven-Card Stud

Seven-Card Stud use to be more popular than Texas Hold’em before the poker boom in 2003. Players are dealt two cards face down and one card face up. The person that has the lowest face up card will start the betting round.

After each card is dealt, a betting round takes place. The fourth, fifth and sixth cards are dealt face up and the seventh card is dealt face down. There are no community cards in this variation of poker but the aim is same as in Texas Hold’em where players need to make their best 5-card hand. Although less popular, you also get a six-card and five-card variation of Studs.


Like in Seven-Card Stud players are dealt seven cards with the first two and the last card being dealt face down and the other face up. The most interesting thing about Razz is that it is a lowball poker game which means that the lowest hand wins. The best possible hand is Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, which is referred to as ‘a wheel’.

Razz is actually very popular and you can win a bracelet in the World Series of Poker. The poker legend Phil Hellmuth has one to his name.

Five-Card Draw

This variation is the simplest you will find so if you are a beginner, it will be best to start with Five-Card Draw and then work your way up when you gain more confidence. Players are dealt with five cards face down but can decide which cards they want to keep and which they want to chuck.

New cards replace the cards that are chucked and betting takes place before and after the draw. The player with the best 5-cards hand wins.

Omaha Hi-Lo

This variation has the same basics of Omaha where players are dealt with four hole cards and need to use two hole cards and three community cards to make their best 5-card but. The difference is that players aim to get both a low-hand and a high-hand because the pot is split between the two.

Usually two winners split the pot but it does sometimes happen that one player takes it all, which is referred to, as ‘a scoop’. This happens when a player has the best low and high hand or when there is no possible low hand at the table.

2-7 Triple Draw

The game is usually called deuce-to-seven and has the same basic rules as a five-card draw but it is a lowball game. The other difference is that players have three opportunities to chuck out unwanted cards and draw new ones. An Ace is something you do not want in this variation because it is high so the best possible hand you can have is 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 which is referred to as ‘number one’.


This variation gives you the opportunity to play five different variations of poker in one game. The variation will change after each orbit and the letters in the word ‘horse’ relates to a different game.

H – Texas Holdem

O – Omaha Hi-Lo

R – Razz

S – Seven-Card Stud

E – Seven-Card Stud Eight or Better (also referred to as Stud Hi-Lo)

The game is usually played with a limit so players can bet only a predetermined bet size.

Irish Poker

It is becoming quite popular in online poker rooms and is relatively simple to play. Players are dealt four hole cards but need to discard two of the hole cards after ‘the flop’ is dealt. Players will then use the two remaining hole cards and the community cards to make their best 5-card hand, like in Texas Hold’em.

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